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We are passionate about keeping  balance between body, mind and soul. Yoga is an ancient science that brings this balance into our lives. At Vortex Yoga we want to give you access to experiencing harmony in conjunction with physical and mental health.  

Our team of teachers are  fully certified and passionate about their work. Here you will experience different levels of exercises, where you can push yourself to new body limits and discover a strength and stamina you might never had experienced before as well as deep relaxation and stress release.       


Our beautiful studio is a located in a gorgeous Pent House overlooking Vondelpark. So if you think you can't find peace and tranquility in the heart of Amsterdam, think again, because our place it's pretty special.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          New to our studio? Book your first class and get the second one free. Or get a monthly membership and discover the power of Yoga! 






Sabrina Santos

I fell in love with Yoga right on my first class. 

I have always been going to the gym and never thought I would like yoga and felt it was too slow for me.

Little did I know about Kundalini Yoga! Speaking of keeping up and pushing your body beyond limits ...

Come to discover your true inner strength, breaking mental patterns and finding excitement and ecstasy in the power of Kundalini Yoga.

Kim Van Den Hurk

Kundalini yoga has something magical, that is my experience since the very first lesson! Out of curiosity I randomly joined a Kundalini yoga class. I remember clearly the feeling I had on my way back home. "That was certainly not my last Kundalini lesson!"
Kundalini yoga lets me grow, makes me aware and gives me a lot of strength and willpower. It has so many layers, and mostly you don't really now what is happening, but there is definitely something happening. I'm full of excitement to share this magical technology and ancient wisdom with you. I hope to see you!

Eleonore  Van De Vooren

Yoga Nidra is releasing tension from the body, mind and eventually spirit so we can restore and heal ourselves. A session of Nidra is the same as 4 hours of deep sleep therefor it’s very rejuvenating for all your cells. By going into deep relaxation you release so much tension that you can even come to the level of trauma release. It is a practice to explore the subconscious mind by relaxation, openness and surrender of the senses. The Nidra is given on music with delta waves to help you connect with the subconscious mind and flow into the vastness of existence .

‘ For me its the way to be lighter in my body and therefor on the world.’
Sinds 2009 she is active in yoga and teaching many different styles like Hatha, aerial and Kundalini yoga all over the world.


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Vortex Yoga

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